Trapper Ron's 330 Safety Setter is
a breakthrough in trapping technology
You can throw away your old rope and stick. Forget about tearing up your hands, pinching your fingers, ripping up your gloves, or needing help from another set of hands.


In one motion young and old alike can now set 330 conibear traps with ease. This one handed tool will safely let you set a heavy spring 330 conibear trap alone in the back country. One handed means you have better control. Whether your traps have a catch or not, this tool is indispensable.





This is one tool you can't afford not to have in your pocket. That's right! It folds up easily and is ment to be carried in your pocket. This tool was designed by Trapper Ron for the trapper and animal damage control worker who is working alone and is space and weight conscious.







Safety was number one on Trapper Ron's mind when he developed his 330 Safety Setter. The thought of being caught when a trap misfires is a nightmare no one likes to think about. If one hand or arm is trapped, you need a way to get out by yourself. This is almost impossible without a 330 Safety Setter. Whether you are a professional or an occasional weekend trapper, do yourself a favor and protect your future with Trapper Ron's 330 Safety Setter.


Price: $24.95 w/ FREE SHIPPING TO THE LOWER 48!


To order send an e-mail with the words "Safety Setter" in the subject line to:


Here's a YouTube video showing Trapper Ron demonstrating his Safety Setter:

YouTube Video Clip



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Last updated 12-03-07